Nora first discovered her passion for dentistry when she was hired as a dental assistant in her sophomore year in high school. Through a four-year scholarship program, Nora went on to get her Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated in 1995. Soon after, Nora met Dr. Vallejos and has worked with her since.

Working with Dr. Vallejos really opened Nora’s eyes to dentistry as Dr. Vallejos is a great believer in continuing education and giving back to the community. With Dr. Vallejos, Nora has attended numerous dental conferences and has taken amazing courses such as dental hygiene mastery, Blatchford seminars, and periodontal laser therapy, and has gone on several dental mission trips to the Philippines.

Nora has played an active role in the dental hygiene community as she has served as the Hawaii Dental Hygienists Association Maui trustee, as well as Maui County Dental Hygiene Association (MCDHA) President and Vice President.

In addition to great a boss and co-workers, Nora credits her love for her job to her patients. They come from many walks of life, and there is always so much to learn from them. The genuine connection she has made with her patients in the span of her almost 20-year hygiene career makes her feel completely blessed.

Nora enjoys spending time with her husband and her children Shanelle (15), Alexander (12), and Marc-Angelo (6), as well as her two dogs Casper and Hunter. Nora also plays an active role in her children’s Taekwondo Center as an executive board member, where she spends much of her time when not at work. She is a proud mother and enjoys being a part of her children’s events and activities.